Frequently asked questions – OPO car rental

If you can book a car for a specific pick-up time, the car is available. You will enter your flight number, so rental car staff can see if you are delayed!

Yes, and you can book the child seat or baby seat when making your reservation for the car!

Quite often, cross border travel to Spain is permitted, but sometimes it is not. Please see rental conditions for cross border driving on the particular offer. Spain (or any other country) needs to be mentioned as permitted cross border travel country. Sometimes, there is an additional fee for cross border travel!

Some rental car companies allow drivers to be as young as 19 years in Portugal. A young driver’s fee is usually charged for young drivers between 19 and 24 years old or sometimes for young drivers between 19 and 22 years old. Check the rental conditions of the particular offer!

Most companies in OPO Airport will not accept drivers with less than 1 year driving experience!

If you have a relatively short booking in a relatively expensive car, if you are an inexperienced driver, if you are driving in difficult conditions (like in snow) or if you are driving in what may be a ‘high risk area’ or cannot place the car in a closed off parking area at night, all these factors may speak for taking out excess insurance. But you don’t have to!

No, but if you want to have additional cover for the excess, an excess insurance is always offered when booking!

All cars available for rent are insured and fully legal to drive with full comprehensive insurance and 3rd party insurance. Most rental car insurances carry an excess and standard rental car insurance, often, do not cover damage to tyres, broken glass and damage to under carriage. Also, there can be exceptions in cover for loss of keys and filling the vehicle with the wrong type of fuel. Please see the particular offer!

When renting a car you need a valid driver’s license and a credit card with sufficient credit to cover the security deposit. The security deposit is blocked on the credit card at the rental location and unblocked when the car is returned. Please see the amount of the security deposit in the rental conditions of the particular offer!

Yes, cancellations can take place online or by phone. Please see contact details!

All bookings must take place online. You cannot book by phone. When you have carried out the booking, a confirmation will be sent by email and a voucher for the car rental is issued. It is possible to change the booking by phone – please see contact details!

No, all costs of the car rental are mentioned in the offer and terms & conditions.

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