The festive season at the end of the year is not known to be amongst the cheapest periods in which to rent cars.

In Porto Airport – OPO, however, the hire car rates are still reasonable. In fact you can rent a car for less than €100 for a week (7 days) and even get a Mercedes A-class car for a few euros more.

Checkout offers for rental cars in Porto Airport

Price-check – cheap cars for rent Porto Airport

We looked at the offers available over Christmas (22-29 Dec).

Cheapest car is from local supplier OPO Rent which was just below €90 for a Fiat Panda or similar. If you chose to rent this car for 2 weeks (22 dec to Jan 5th 2018) the price was €174.

Still an interesting and fun small car – the Fiat 500 – photo @

The Panda obviously is a small car. In the same size/car class you would find the charming Fiat 500 as well as the more utilitarian Peugeot 108 and Opel Karl. One of the favourites amongst drivers is the VW Up which offers slightly more luggage space than the other cars in this class.

More about cheap cars for rent (mini class) at OPO.

Economy car rental – Ford Fiesta, VW Polo, Peugeot 208, Hyundai i20, Fiat Punto X

For the 22-29 December booking period, prices for the slightly larger economy size vehicles started at just below €100 for a 4-door Smart.

Unusual car rental offer – if you want to try a rear engine car, book the Smart

This very cheap car was supplied by local supplier Rent-A-Star, which offers Mercedes vehicles. In the economy class this means the Smart ForFour, which is the Mercedes-Smart take on the Renault Twingo.

The Smart is funky, but it is by no means a large car. Better alternatives in terms of space are available from Firefly at €103 (Fiat Punto) and Goldcar with a quote for €104 for a Ford Fiesta or similar for one week of Porto Airport car rental.

Renting an economy class car for 2 weeks over Christmas-New Year 2017/2018 was possible from €196 and was offered by Drive-Go (Seat Ibiza).

Compact car hire – family cars in the VW Golf size

The family friendly VW Golf, Ford Focus, Opel Astra, Peugeot 308, Hyundai i30, Renault Megane and more have slightly higher price tags.

At Xmas 2017, the cheapest car for rent in Porto Airport in the compact class was supplied by Rent-A-Star and was, surprisingly, a Mercedes.

We think this is the cheapest ‘real’ Mercedes rental in Portugal

The A-class Mercedes is a very nice vehicle and at only €132 for a week (22-29 Dec), we cannot remember that we ever saw a better deal on this vehicle.

Alternatives are available from Firefly (a 4-door Fiat Tipo at €141 for a week) and from Budget (Ford Focus at similar rates to the Tipo).

Should you want a vehicle for one more week over New Year, the prices seen on December 12th for a compact class car started at €271 (2 weeks Xmas rental).

Large cheap cars for rent Porto Airport at Xmas

In the larger size car categories, we noticed the following excellent offers:

  • Opel Insignia from €252/week – Budget Car Rental
  • Nissan Qashqai SUV from €270/week – Firefly and Dollar
  • Citroen Grand Picasso 7-seater from €335/week – Centauro
  • Seat Alhambra (guaranteed car model) 7 seater from €476/week – Drive On Holidays

The above rental rates were available on on December 12th. We looked exclusively at rental from 22nd December forward (1 or 2 weeks rentals). Please note that Xmas And New Year is high season and, therefore, booking late most likely results in higher prices. Some suppliers may run out of vehicles. Also please note that conditions for where to pick up the car vary. Many suppliers have meet & greet service in Porto Airport, but not all. Important: always check terms & conditions on a given offer before booking. All cheap cars for rent Porto Airport included full insurance (CDW – collision-damage-waiver, third party insurance and TP – Theft Protection). Excess would vary from €500 to €2500. Additional excess insurance (up to €3000 coverage) is always offered when booking.  

Unless the car model is guaranteed by the supplier – like the 7-seater Seat Alhambra from Drive On Holidays above – you will, sometimes, receive a vehicle in the same car class as booked and with same equipment/number of seats/number of doors etc. as booked. Cheap cars for rent Porto Airport are usually available when booking well in advance – especially advance bookings are important with more expensive vehicles like 7-seaters or minibusses.