Easy to rent motorhome or auto camper from a number of suppliers in Porto and Porto Airport can be found online.

Compare prices and Portugal motorhome vehicles here and do not forget to check the options for additional equipment and services.

In general, all Porto Airport motorhomes have bed linen included (unless otherwise noted) at pickup. Extras include, for instance, wetsuits, bicycles and an almost endless range of camping gear.

Porto motorhome hire – rent from city or airport

The motorhome hire cars are built for holidaying in the North of Portugal. Some campervans and motorhomes have absolute all equipment possible included in the campervan rental (if it is part of the cars standard equipment) where as other and cheaper motorhomes and best value auto campers are more modest. Usually, you can upgrade equipment level to your taste.

Contrary to popular belief, in Portugal, the standard motorhome is of high quality with most vehicles being virtually new or almost new.

Check our competitive prices for motorhome rental and auto camper hire in Porto Airport & Porto City centre.

Motorhome Rental Porto Portugal

Who can rent a motorhome / auto camper / camper van?

In general, you need to be at least 21 years old (depending of country of rental) to rent a motorhome or camper van.

If you have a category B driver’s licence for a normal passenger car, you are able to drive a vehicle with a weight up to 3500 kilos and up to 9 people (passengers) including yourself.

Most motorhomes are category B (driver’s license) vehicles. In the list of offers, it will specified if the particular motorhome rental in Porto Airport requires more than standard category B driver’s license.

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Driving in Northern Portugal / Porto area

The North of Portugal invites driving in a steady pace in beautiful surroundings, and as such no 4-wheel drive is needed. Even in winter months, most drivers will be fine in Northern Portugal.

The Minho and north-east of Porto area is, admittedly, quite ‘hilly’, but you will not encounter anything that a standard Porto motorhome vehicle, mobile home or camper van cannot manage.

An added benefit is that most suppliers include access to nearby Spain (cross border driving) for free. You can even pickup your vehicle in one place and drop-off in another location for a reasonably fee (sometimes for free if you are lucky and find a good offer).