In the majority of countries there are unlimited mileages (free mileage) and there are no restrictions to how many kilometers you can cover during your rental period.

On the tourist and holiday destinations such as Mallorca, Rhodes, Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Crete and Santorini the hire cars will typically be with unlimited mileage.

In smaller countries as Belgium, Czech Republic, Portugal, Switzerland, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Hungary and Croatia it is very unusual to encounter a car with mileage restrictions. Car hire with limited mileage are popular in larger countries as United States, Canada, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, UK, Poland and Sweden.

Usually, only the premium and luxury models are with limited mileage, but from time to time all rental classes of cars can be found with a set free allocation of kilometers included in the rate – and everything over that limit to be charged additionally.

Free Mileage car rental Portugal

Free unlimited mileage -usually included when renting a car in Porto Airport © Photo:

Is there a fee to pay for additional miles in Portugal?

In Porto Airport, the large majority of rental cars will come with free unlimited mileage.

However, once in a while, you may experience offers with a limit of 100 km or 200 km per day, before each kilometer is charged. In this case, you can usually just chose another offer from another company.

On the Cartrawler search engine Porto you can get information about the mileage policy.

What does free kilometers mean?

When you rent a car with reeditions mileage the number of kilometers will be included in the total price. If you drive more than the stipulate kilometer, you will be charged for each kilometer above the limit.

Some car rental companies stipulate an x number kilometers per each day. If you have rented a car for a 10 days period with a 100 km limited mileage, you are able to drive a total of 1000 km during your car rental period without any additional charge.

If you hire a car with mileage restrictions of a certain number of free kilometers, it does not influence the calculation when in the rental period, the miles are done. It is the total number of free miles that is essential to decide if there is any extra charge. The charge for surplus kilometers (in case of a restricted number of free miles) will always be written in rental conditions.

It is always a good idea to read terms & conditions (rental conditions) before booking a hire car so that any mileage restriction (on free miles) does not come as a surprise.