Porto Airport – OPO, the second largest airport of Portugal, continues in the lead when it comes to passenger satisfaction ratings.

The Portuguese consumer association DECO, in collaboration with similar bodies of Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Denmark, Spain, France and Italy conducted a study of customer satisfaction  for  178 airports and airlines worldwide. Amongst the factors taken in consideration for the purposes of the study were: safety, comfort and cleanliness of the facilities, waiting times, the signage and placement of the information screens, etc..

Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport, as Porto Airport is officially known, won in the category of airports with capacity between 5 to 15 million passengers per year in Europe. In the same category worldwide, Porto Airport reached the third position, after the airports of Singapore and Narita.

The questionnaire took place in October 2016 amongst the total number of 11,273 passengers, of which only 1,751 were Portuguese.

The result of the study does not surprise, taking in consideration the fact that Porto Airport is frequently a leader of passenger satisfaction surveys, including probably the most important one, conducted by the Airports Council International (ACI). This worldwide trade association of airport operators also distinguished Porto Airport as the best airport in Europe in its category in 2016. The airport, in fact, remains on the top ranking position from 2006 with the exception of 2012 when it briefly left the top 3.

The study results have not been so good for other Portuguese airports some of which rated very low, as is the case of the Azores Terceira Airport ranked at the 155th place. Lisbon Airport deserved the 46th place, in the opinion of the survey respondents and was followed by Madeira Airport, recently renamed to Christiano Ronaldo Airport.

Together with the airports, also 72 studies were evaluated by the study, being the Emirates considered the best airline worldwide and Luxair the best carrier in Europe. The Portuguese national carrier TAP ranked 31st.